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Ian von Fange ’17, as Steven (Red) Ryder

Ian von Fange plays the role of  Steven (Red) Ryder, the cook at Foster’s and a character whose proclaimed wanderlust isn’t convincing anyone. Steven is a closed-off guy who has put up a lot of barriers between himself and the other characters.  If von Fange could give Steven one piece of advice it would be to accept help when it’s offered. “There’s no honor being lost,” von Fange says. “There’s no dignity being lost. To honestly say ‘I need your help’ and ‘thank you for your help.’”

Von Fange is a senior majoring in creative writing. He hopes to move to New York City after graduation to get a gig in publishing. He’s been acting for almost 12 years, and has acted professionally at theaters in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. This is his eighth production at the University.

The most significant difference between Todd productions and some of his high school’s productions, he says, is the level of professionalism and the quality of the production. Most of the directors are hired from professional off-Broadway and international theater companies. Von Fange says they expose students to a high standard of performance as well as an intensive work schedule. How intense? About four nights a week, from 7 to 11 p.m, and on the weekends are 9 hour days. For those of you doing the math that’s 34 hours a week.

Von Fange spends his free time writing poetry and maintaining a blog. He is also a drummer and has performed with several local bands around Rochester.

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