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Gerhard & Wilhelmina


If you're a "Von Fange," you are a descendant of Gerhard von dem Fange and his wife, Wilhelmina Ohman. Gerhard came to the US from Ueffeln, Germany, in 1837.

William & Wilhelmina


One of Gerhard and Wilhelmina's 11 children was William. He and his siblings dropped the 'dem' and were known as "Von Fange" in rural Bartholomew County, Indiana. He married Wilhelmina Nentrup and they had 13 children. Their family moved to Lincoln County, Kansas in 1888 where descendants live to this day.

Justinus & Meta


One of William and Wilhelmina's children was John George Justinus Von Fange, known as "J.G." or just "Jus." He married Meta Meyer who sadly died in childbirth with their daughter Anita.

Jus & Dora


In 1910, Jus married Dorothea Jahn, daughter of Natoma's Lutheran Church pastor, Konrad Jahn. They had 7 children.

Jus & Dora Family


At the wedding of daughter Dorothy, the other family members gathered.

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